Friday, December 31, 2010

The Completion of the 1st Decade in the 21st Century

Hello fellow reader of my words!

I began blogging in 2010 in order to document my existence on planet Earth and share information with YOU.  My intent to begin a blog was to express thoughts, feelings, emotions and concepts of existence to the Universe.


I am a human being that is processing existence in a capacity to have breakthroughs and powerful insights on a daily basis.

My brain matter has expanded greatly in many ways in 2010 thanks to the amazing 7 billion fellow human beings and other entities existing that have provoked my growth and transformation.

I love to spark a shift in perception and understanding for humanity which in turn impacts the entire Universe.  My passion to do this this is because I love it when others spark and light up my brain matter to have new ways of perceiving existence.  It really makes this life an awesome roller coaster ride!!

This last decade from 2000-2010 has been an amazing and memorable experience for me.  I moved to California towards the end of 1999 and so the 21st century has been about transformation, change and growth in many aspects of my life.   Halfway through the decade I chose to consume a plant-based diet and that alone has had a life-altering impact.  (See more about that here:

- I switched jobs from being a school teacher from '99-'07 to being working for a small company from '07-present.  

- Music was and has always been important to me and I chose to put music on the side for a couple years and now I am on fire.  I started producing electronic music in the summer of 2010 and I LOVE IT!

- I met amazing new peeps and the most amazing woman on this planet to spend existence with in peace, love, passion and balance.

- I love to learn and 2010 was a huge year for knowledge acquisition for me.

As the clock ticks down on this December 31st afternoon in 2010, I want to type out how much I love to process existence and connect with other human beings, non-human beings and all entities of the Universe.

I am especially grateful for those who choose this same way of being.   Many others choose to learn along life's journey in a capacity to gather information and challenge others to grow, adapt and evolve.

How amazing that their contribution to my life has continued to spark me into being a more powerful version of myself!!!  Gratitude is my attitude.

Big props go out to Krista, JQ, HoopCharmer and many more!

Let's make it an amazing new decade (2011-2010)

Lots of love, compassion and understanding,
Dave - - DTO

VIDEO - My default operating system is LOVE -

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life is Powerfully Expressed via Music.

Hello world,

Right now, focus your attention to your ears and listen.

Is there music playing?

More than likely music is playing now since music is ubiquitous.  More than likely you have listened to music in the last 24 hours either actively or passively.

Since I was a tiny little human being, I have been exposed to sounds that were constructed in a form with rythmn and tonality which we all call music.  My mom played piano and sang in the house and my ears are grateful for that.  Plus we had music playing at the house often.  Also, I love Casey Casem's  Top 40 show and taping music onto casette tapes off the radio show.  Ah!  I loved the 80's.

I started playing the piano at a young age and then started up on the drums.  I also dabbled in strumming chords on the guitar and picking up a few instruments here and there.

I love music.  Music is my love.   Music is always there and so friggin' amazing as it comes in all different forms for a variety of emotions to be generated or guided towards a given emotional path.

Example, if I am feeling melancholy, I can choose to listen to fun, cool music which can take me to a another emotional state or I can select music that allows me to bask in the melancholy realms of existence.

Music is so friggin' amazing and I haven't even stratched the surface on how powerful, inspirational & beautiful it is for the human ear drums and entire human organism.

Lots of love.

Listen to my first electronic track I composed and created with JQ.  Enjoy!

More to come....

Music is my religion.  ( If I had to pick one.)

Here's Stone Train's new promo poster.  Yes!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The game Tetris & Human life on Earth - Commonalities

I love Tetris and I love the game of life on planet Earth.

(source of photo -

No matter who you are on the planet, once you have played the game Tetris your world becomes one big game of Tetris.   We are continually putting things in the place as we see fit.  The places are our choice as we do this task one piece at a time.  Each shape, each color, each rotation that we choose is unique and wants a place to exist or not exist anymore.  Each Tetris piece has many possibilities of fitting in different places and at different angles and locations.

Now in life I am grabbing each experience and/or task everyday and handling it in the best way that fits for me at this time and space in my existence.   Pieces are handled differently at different moments throughtout existence.  Ask me to do something now at 36 years old and it will be done with a different twist and mindset than at the age of 16 or at 56 years old in the future.   This is why each Tetris game is different and each round gets cooler and more challenging.

Life is about putting items in the best place possible for you, others and the Universe.  I do this by taking each entity of my life and having it become the most loving and life-enhancing force for me in the Universe.  I don't always succeed with every piece, but since the pieces are continually coming at me I have many opportunities to re-adjust and fix the previously mis-stacked pieces and have awareness of their existence.

In Tetris you can see all of the pieces clearly by looking at the entire screen and in life we can see them too, but many times we are too busy just stacking pieces without the consideration of other pieces that need help from below.  In our lives these pieces were the experiences that we left in the past, but nevertheless still at part of the game.  They can appear and re-appear based on how much we choose to pay attention to them or not.

Indeed there can be many analogies of how Tetris is similar to life.  This Blog posting is simply coming from the brain matter of DTO at this moment in time.  I am unaware if other human beings have made such analogy and nevertheless, this is my contribution to the musings of the commonalities of the game Tetris and human life on Earth.

Just to prove how popular Tetris still is I went to the official Tetris website and just in one day there have been 688,183 games played so far.  (source:

By the way, Tetris usually has that crazy song playing the whole time just like those wild and weird distractions that come up that get us off task.  You can get used to it, mute the music or just crank it and rock out with it!

Let's all be grateful for the air we breathe that keeps us alive to play another game of Tetris.

Let's all play full out!  Play Tetris for FREE here:


- Tetris was invented by a Russian man by the name of Alexey Pajitnov in 1985 with the help of some collegues.  (source:

Becoming Your Optimal Self

"Become what you are being called into becoming from the life force within you." - DTO

There is a primal, instinctual level of human existence that is raw and real to the core of your life force. This life force is constantly and consistently in motion for a human being to take action... to simply become your optimal self. What is brilliant is how when we step into living in alignment with Universal Truth then life transforms into becoming a powerful contribution to others and hence the Universe itself.

Some human beings choose to exist a realm of enlightenment and self-actualization in the journey called life. Some people still do not even know they had a choice in the matter and just follow along with what they have been told to do. To each her own, I say.

I personally have arrived to this place and space through my journey of following what other people, society, religions, businesses, government, deities and other belief systems attempted to convince me of while always attempting to stay in alignment with my energetic PURE LIGHT.

NOW... I am choosing to be grateful for what all influences have contributed to me in order to become and be what is life-enhancing for the Universe as I exist inside my PURE LIGHT.

I can't help it, it's sooo beautiful.

Lots of love. ♥