Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Data Transfer Object (DTO)

According to my recent Google search for the acronym DTO, I found the following...

Data transfer object (DTO) is a design pattern used to transfer data between software application subsystems. DTOs are often used in conjunction with data access objects to retrieve data from a database.

With this term I was able to analyze more about who and what I am as a human being.

I am transferring data to the universe as myself, the organism, and retrieving the data from my consciousness or a Data Access Object.

What takes place is that the organism receives data & transfers it to other human organisms in real time or by documenting existence with camera/video/audio capturing technology.   There is an continual exploration of existence by accessing a series of databases.

Which database we access matters in our journey in the exploration of ourselves.   Self-exploration is about reflecting and considering the minuscule bases for data as well as the largest base which is everything in the Universe (and perhaps outside of the Universe).

Every single piece of molecular matter in the universe.

So my consciousness is able to access this data somewhere and somehow.  

Where does the data come from?

What is our consciousness?

How are we connected?

How much is internally generated?

How much is externally received?

What do we manifest?

What manifests itself?

Do we all come from a space of nothingness and everything-ness in the universe?

Why do all parts & pieces of existence have a whole?

Why does the whole have pieces?

In conclusion, it is all a wondrous collection of larger and smaller particulars of molecular matter in the universe.  I am here and you are here as a part of it all. Interconnected.

Molecular matter matters. ( or does it? )

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Conception


I began as a life form in the cold winter months in the state of Iowa.  The year was recorded as 1974 by the human species.  My parents practiced the act of copulation in order to conceive a new life form.  Thanks to their brilliant attempts, I am the swimmer that won the race to the egg and hence now I am experiencing existence on planet Earth and in the universe.  The orgasm created the organism.

Flowing and floating around just like all stages of human life. The concept was conception. I am the conception of a concept as I type out how I conceive more ways to create a life as an amazing human organism, DaveTheOrganism...DTO.  

My life is one life of billions...

It is a fascinating mental & emotional journey to explore why I am here, why human beings are here, why all species and life forms are here in this time and space in the universe.

We currently are on a floating rock which is the 3rd planet rotating on a 365 cycle around the literal star of the show, the SUN. 

Our solar system is quite amazing and our distance from this huge star is just the proper distance to begin and sustain life.  I know this because I am living here in the 21st century and I have the most powerful happening ever to exist and that is.... EXISTENCE!

Don't stop til ya get enough.....

When is life not "life-ing" anymore?  How do you muster up enough of your life to experience life?  Does your true self, mind, body and consciousness have varying degrees to measure what is life-enhancing or not?  

Let's propose so.   Therefore, think back on a time when your life has been in a state of living to your potential?   I mean really feeling fulfilled and stoked about existence.  You got that thought? Cool, now manifest more of those in your existence.  Create a life that you love!

If there are varying degrees what is the measure stick?

My measuring stick in life is by me asking myself, "What is life-enhancing?"   When do we, as humanity, start generating more moments of living that are life-enhancing?   Are you doing this now?  What kind of existence do you have and choose for yourself, others and the universe? 

What about the possibility of being in the present moment of NOW... full of love & clarity of your place in existence.  To be aware of your own awareness.

Being aware of my own awareness....

This occurred to me in the most crisp way in Tulum, Mexico in a beach hotel in month of May in the year 2010.  I was so blown away by this epiphany that I posted it in the moment it occurred on my Facebook status to share this with the universe. 

My FB status was - I just became aware of my own awareness.  

What an amazing shift for my life.  A new conception.

So powerful that I am so aware of everything.  So much so that I know that this is my first blog posting and therefore I will stop typ....