Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Under Construction: deconstructing & reconstructing

Life constantly consists of structure in some form based on human interpretations. Human beings are shown concepts & creations with form and shape constantly.

This occurs in the natural world with mountains and trees as much as in the realm of human constructed entities as the Egyptian pyramides to modern-day skyscrapers.

At an early age human beings are provided blocks to play with, Lincoln logs and/or Legos. Building is a taught belief system & arguably a natural way of being for the homo sapien.

What have you built in your life?

What is worthy of construction?

If you build it, will they come???

Life provides a series of events for constructing and deconstructing your world.

This shows up manifested in the physical world after usually first having been created in the mind.

Human beings love to build, to create. The more we are in action following our dreams, the more we want to create something awesome for ourselves, each other & all of humanity.

Have you deconstructed your life?

Broken it down to analyze, process and simply be a free thinker to what is possible to construct?

Learn, unlearn, relearn

Construct, deconstruct and reconstruct.

Lots of love, empowerment and freedom to dream.