Monday, October 25, 2010

Co-Responsibility ♥

Hello everyone!!!

I had something come up for me recently and that is the energy and form of my new concept of being a Universal community and that is to be co-responsible.

Basically I have the capacity to choose whether to be individually responsible for getting my life and existence in alignment with love, compassion and peace or NOT.

So for my peeps that are in this realm of consciousness, the mode of connection with them is to be co-responsible.  I'm not sure why and how, but that is how we already ARE with each other without even needing to state it or come up with a word for........until I recently did on October 23, 2010, it was a late night and early morning time frame and I was just chillin' in a jacuzzi in San Diego living the good life and then it struct me like the concept of the Flux-Capacitor struck Doc in the movie Back to the Future!  Great Scott!  1.21 Jigawatts!!!

The concept of co-responsibility describe a platform of existence in which the world exists resounding with the following concept of living......

1. To be alive in the Universe in a realm of existence by co-responsibly recognizing your own existence in the web of life and how we are all interconnected.  We, meaning, all entities of the Universe whether physical matter, life forms on planets or antimatter.

2. The life of your community whether human animals or non-human animals is seen with deep respect.  We responsibly teach ourselves what this truly means and then can co-responsibly teach others the concepts of "non-speciesism" since that is a energically sound existence of peace, love, compassion and kindness as an energetic connection field

3. To be cognizant of all life forms on planet Earth and in the Universe.   To know the value of the 4 elements -  Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and to respect them by only having behaviors as a species that maintains access to clean air, clean water and clean food.

So Grab your homemade Popcorn made with Earth Balance spread and Sea Salt and let's begin a powerful suggestion for your life.

The best "DTO way" to start is by viewing 2 movies which I highly recommend.  Both are able to be view in their Full-Length online.  The order of viewing them is best by first watching Home and then Earthlings.

Each movie will benefit your life, longevity, peace and future.  You will have access to processing existence from a new perspective.  Are you up to it?

Home has great potential bring your life into a sharp perspective to being view existence in a new space in your mind.

Earthlings will probably be the heaviest movie you have ever seen, so get prepared.

Don't be afraid.... Please view them since this knowledge is worth it and so are you!

Titled: External Stimuli –by Fred Tomaselli at the James Cohen Gallery

My intuition tells me that we are co-responsible for creating a love consciousness interconnected with all entities of the Universe.

We, human beings, exist alongside thousands of other species which are our fellow Earthlings...inhabitants of planet Earth.....members of the Universe, just like us, homo sapiens, mammals inhabiting the 3rd planet from the vortex of our solar system.  A species still quite unaware of so much there is to be aware of, but there is continual growth by more and more human specimens to connect with love, peace and exploring new realms of existence as humanity, a planet and members of the Universe.

Right now we find ourselves sharing the same space and time.  We do have choice in the matter on whether we can be aware or choose to constrict ourselves to our small collection of lenses, to view life in this small bag of past & current interpretations of life.   How about getting more lenses, more tools, more pimped out way of supping up your ride called LIFE???  To live powerfully with intention in the phattish ride around called existence.  To be chilin' in the methaphorical low rider of life...hell YEAH!!!

My perspectives of how I perceive life have continually expanded to include multiple varieties of analysis for existence itself.

At this point, I have sheer, absolute wonder and awe for it all....LIFE.  The more I learn about the Universe, science and the resilience and compassion of human beings, it is more inspiring and rewards.  It keeps getting better.  Exponential growth of knowledge.  Building blocks upons building blocks.... The more we know, the more we grow.  In order to grow we need to let go.

I simply CELEBRATE LIFE in my natural state of existence.  That is my way of behavior since my fault operating system is LOVE.  This platform allows me to create, ponder become inspired all of the time and to move powerfully with intention in the future.  A future full of possibilities.

Expand your awareness!!!  Make the connection ♥

Home (click link to view) 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Make The Connection to our Interconnectedness

We are all interconnected and the more we all make connections, the more we will prosper into endless possibilities of living powerfully.

I don't have both feet in despair, but maintain at least a toe in it since we must always consider the worst case scenario and the detriment that it would be for all beings and life forms IF or WHEN human beings did destroy the support system of our planet for millions of species of flora and fauna on this planet.  This would include us, of course.   We are the only known species in the Universe that is destroying its own habitat which is required for life.

Now, seriously, if it were ONLY human beings impacted by the destruction being done then we could say, "It is your own dawn fault so kill go yourselves since there is no impact on any entity, but yourselves." OR "Humanity, go for it and choose to kill yourself."  But that is NOT the case since the real question is, "Why are you choosing to kill yourselves, other species and the future survival of life on this planet."  

Since humans beings' actions have an impact on virtually everything happening on Mother Earth then what the hell give one species the right to wreck the entire web of life and terminate life for so many previous creatures and plant life.  To me, that is some F'd up shit.
So my advice is to......Maintain a Toe in Despair and the rest of your Body in the realm of HOPE!

In my point of view, it is becoming more and more obvious that we all must make connections toward the goal of being interconnected not just with ourselves, our own species, but with all species, all life and matter in the Universe.  

We are members of the Universe with the amazing experience which we call EXISTENCE.  So my idea is to start appreciating our amazing adventure called life which naturally includes all members of humanity plus all entities of the Universe.  My idea is to start friggin' acting grateful, loving, concerned and compassionate toward all members and matter of the Universe. 

Let's being with Mother Earth and all that reside upon her.  We are all Earthlings!

Dave The Organism - DTO
(one of roughly 7 billion human beings living on plant Earth in the year recorded as 2010)


Watch the movie Earthlings and Home for a new perspective of life as we know it.

Full movie Earthlings -
Full movie Home -

Here's another inspiring VIDEO -

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Color Me Gray

What shade of existence are you?

Are you full of lights, darks or both?

Do you view life through multi-colored lenses not only visually, but mentally?

What does your mind experience by looking at the image below?

What does your mind experience by looking at the image below?

Shades of gray going from black to white and white to black with shades of gray. 

To choose to see life as a world that contains vibrant colors, black, white or shades of gray is challenging for many human beings.  Is it a choice plus a taught belief system or both?

Analyzing my life from the beginning...

I remember a magical childhood full of wonder and awe for existence; full of colors with shades of gray.

I was born in October 1974 in a small town in Iowa of only about 22,000 inhabitants. Although the majority of the town was White, I had a neighbor friend from a Korean mother and White father and I also had a great friend with Mexican-American parents.  For me is not to focus on the melatonin in someone's skin to bring this up, but to emphasize the the cultural diversity I was exposed despite of being in Iowa in the 70s.  I still remember the hanging beads in my friend's house with the mother from Korea.  Her cooking permeated the house plus her decorating style was unlike my own mother's way of putting together a room.

So the contrast was apparent to me and I was curiously interested.   You can even go as far as saying fascinated.   My mom also decorated at our house and I used to love to watch my mom & her best friend, who was gay, make a room go from frumpy to fabulous.  Yea-Yeah!

The background setting and upbringing I had was super cool the more that I self-reflect.  I really loved my youth doing the following activities;

Riding Big Wheels, playing at the park down the street, playing carnival games that my brother ran, playing basketball in the driveway on the hoop attached to our deck, making snow figures & igloos, going to our cottage, loving and playing with our dogs, bunnies & cats, going canoeing, going boating, riding my bike, walking along the railroad tracks, playing arcade games at the arcade, relaxing outside freely on a summer night, having crushes on girls, just hanging out with friends, having to go home when the street light came on, spending the night at friends houses or having them spend the night at my place, prank calls, playing whiffleball in the backyard, having a garden full of green beans, tomatoes & more, playing in the dump ( a ravine area behind my house), playing volleyball, swimming, having a paper route, being woken up and dragged to go the church (man, would I have rather slept in on Sundays), listening to cassettes and vinyls, watching Saturday morning cartoons, Friday Night Videos ( a show to play music videos ), going to my rich friends house to play with rich people stuff and toys, play Frogger, Pitfall & Grand Prix and more on the Atari 2600, taking piano lessons, making lemonade (YUM), playing with bubble, watching old 8-mm movies (w/o sound) projected onto the white oven's surface, going trick or treating and then my brother and I would use a Key Car ( a play car that would shoot out with a key it came with ) to win the candy since we would consolidate it, playing with my friends, hanging out with my big brother, going to my first concert, Huey Lewis and The News with my family, rolling skating at Skateland, listening to songs like "Do You Believe In Love" by Huey Lewis & The News, faintly remembering my uncle, seeing my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandfather & my dear grandmother on Thanksgiving, listening to Van Halen, Chicago & The Cars, playing with number & letter magnets on the oven, visiting my cousins in Chicago, going to Adventureland (Iowa's amusement par), having water fights, watching hot air balloons float above me, playing along the Mississippi River, going to Great River Days, camping, playing music, looking at Xmas light with my family as a tradition, walking places, doing chores, buying candy with the money from chores, moving my grandma's lawn, opening presents for Xmas and thinking it was the most magical day ever, going to a summer camp in the beautify of nature and so much more.

I am amazed at how wonderful and enjoyable growing up was for me.   This leads me to appreciate how my parents and surroundings taught me to see the world in colors with shades of gray.   What I mean is that I lived freely without many fears or worries.  I was not taught to hate, fear or look down upon others and I know that this attributed to me being a happy go-lucky kid.  You know, the whole nature and nurture of life. 

To this day, I get upset by seeing or knowing about an inequity or injustice happening.  It is second nature for me to take a stand for human beings and respectfully treat everyone as such.  This also applies to all species. 

I will share with you a time in my life when I have been the most upset about racism.   I was 20 years old attending a community college when I saw 2 black kids and 2 white students yelling back at each other almost brewing up a fight.  I heard racial epithets being yelled and eventually they drove off.  It was clearly a racially charge confrontation.

After seeing and listening to this it was very upsetting and when I went inside to see my teacher, I was an emotional wreck.  I was upset that people would basically waste their life using their energy to intentionally hurt others and want to cause harm to another person based on skin color.  It was simply just very hard for me to process to see it up close especially and it still a disconnect concept for me to grasp.  I guess that I have "hippie blood" in my veins for being full of love, kindness, self-expression, laughter and desire harmony in the Universe.  You know, the stuff that people sometime want to stomp out and scoff at.

In my point of view, it was instinctual for me to see life full of metaphorical and actual colors with shades of gray to detect with my eyes or mind.  What also really helped was that luckily there was no belief system that taught me to see life in only black or white.  To view others as "not like us".

How wonderful that I had my eyes and heart open to experience life to the fullest and for that I have all of the gratitude in the world for my family and community.

Thank you everyone for giving me so much.  I love you.  :)  

Peace, fun and a celebration for life.

Color Me Gray!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today is Today

What is today?

Why is today always called today?

Why are you alive in a realm of existence called a "today"?

Is there ever a day which is not considered today?

Are we forever trapped in a today until there is no version of today as an existing human being?

Today is today and another day of existence.  A day to act, to participate in life & to create a day worth living.

Okay, so...How can we all create days worth living? 

What is a worthy reason for living?

Is it to discover our highest potential in order to live a powerful life?

What kind of life would you have with todays filled with you expressing yourself freely and openly?

Is that a life you would love to be living?    One full of self-expression & creativity?

Is there anything that you would be upset about not doing if today were your last today?

Here's an idea...Why not create a life without regrets?    A life full of joy, kindness, love and wonder for a existence.

Today is a day to recognize our interconnectedness and amazing talents to share with one another.

Today is today because we choose life.

Today is today because we are existing in this "today".

We are all alive to create our most life-enhancing versions of ourselves; individually & collectively.

When today ends then tomorrow becomes another "today" and yesterday was simply a "today" from the immediate past. 

Days ago, weeks ago, months ago, years ago, decades ago, centuries ago, millenniums ago and many moons ago are all collections of a today.  They all amount bunches of "todays".

There is no today, but the NOW within today that forms a 24 hour period we call a day.  The now is the mili-second of the time in which my fingers are pressing the keys on this keyboard to create & form words for you to read in this mili-second of the NOW within today.

Make it a great day!   Make it a great today!   Make it a beautiful collection of todays!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open & Flow

What happens when we float on water is an amazing sensation of freely flowing.   A motion of eternity, a forever for your mind, heart & ethereal self.

Water is friggin' amazing and Motion is everywhere and in "allofwhere" we are.  We, Earthlings, are orbiting around the sun at 67,000/mph.  That stated, we all are moving whether you want to be moving or not.  You can attempt to convince yourself you have zero movement or not in life, but that is not the case.  At least your physical self is in motion, whether your mind, emotional self, relationships, etc. are connected and aware of this going on in the Universe or not.

Welcome to a planet that is cruisin' around the sun within a solar system in a humongous place we call the Universe.  It is nice to have you here.  You are loved!!!

Now, let's get back to the discussion of movement and flow......

Movement or the lack of movement is what creates your life.  Interestingly even when you feel as though you are not moving, you actually are moving.   We float and flow in the Universe as one entity of life as the Universe.  We are all one collective one.   Composites of molecular matter.  That is why I have the URL as a way to get to my blog.  This is the portal of characters that will get to my perspective of living on planet Earth as a human organism.  I am one of many ones as all is a single ONE.

So how do we get to ONE?

Why don't we flow & float as ONE with a love consciousness?

In my point of view, what happens is that your mind, emotional self, intellect, heart and conscienceness for some reason is choosing to resist the flow or want to analysis and sort out shit more than what is necessary.  Just flow.

So for a "non-hippie explanation" of this concept, let's first state that if you are not open to flowing then movement and fluidity is thwarted.

Now think of a faucet in your house in these days of modern indoor plumbing.  It is still amazing to me that water can be delivered to your house in the instantaneous gratification of a quick turn of the faucet.

So if you want water, you must open up the valve.   When the water is in an "off position" the water is stopped from flowing since it is not needed.   If you want water then you place it in "on position" so you may have that flow of water that you need.

If our love is water then when and why do you sometime place this flow in an off or on position?  

How do you feel when it is open and flowing opposed to being shut off? 

Is there a time to turn it off? 

To cautiously not want to "waste" the flow of your love in certain cases?

Please comment below. 

Flowing love,

Friday, October 1, 2010

There is no Room Inside a Box. []

Boxed in?

Boxing with yourself?

Get out and go!!!

Open & flow!!!

What is holding you in when there is no "in" nor "out".  There is no box. 

Any box you have created will eventually not have enough space as your mind expands to a Universal conscienceness.

The more we see life without limits, the more we are free to evolve, grow, love and blast off!

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