Monday, July 25, 2011

Plant Powered Living

VISION STATEMENT:  Flowing with love, light, and aliveness, Plant Powered Living is sharing fresh and innovative tools that empower lives in the areas of health, nutrition, fitness, compassion, beauty, sustainability, conscious living and all things fabulous. 

BACKGROUND:   The Plant Powered Living revolution has begun. In late 2010 we began having small gatherings here in San Diego, California; we call “Plant Powered Potlucks”. At these dinners, we found that we are all especially passionate about living consciously, and making healthy lifestyle choices. We affirmed to one another that these choices are what allow us to live such vibrant lives and empowers us to really be out in the world doing what we love. It was inside of this mutual discovery that Plant Powered Living was born.
We recognized that there is a growing need for sharing of information regarding healthy living and that we could create a resource based website to house our recipes, tips, and suggestions (things that work for us).  So began the Plant Powered Living project.
Do you want to know how to live your life with vitality?
We are here to learn, share, explore and expand with you on this journey. We recognize that everyone is on his or her own path; no matter where you’re at, we are here to help. 
“By eating plant powered meals (fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds) we find a vibrant balance within our physical, mental and spiritual selves, which allows us to powerfully create our lives,” 

~ Dave Kemp, Co-Visionary

Love, Light & Aliveness!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Extraordinary You/Me/WE

Dear extraordinary you/me/we,

Love, respect and acceptance are experienced by our actions and choices in the physical realm.   Being kind and loving allows us to tap into this powerful Light energy throughout the universe, in others and in the Self.

You inspire me to take actions in my life to love more courageously than ever.   I am honored to be co-creating this existence.  We stand for all to be LOVE and feel LOVED.

Love, light & aliveness,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Choose to Upgrade your Life! How would that not be extraordinary?

It was once written by Lao Tze, that through what exists, you are given the opportunity, but through what does not exist, you are given the true action.

Get on the field of your life, take action and start playin' your LIFE.   It is a great choice and the ride of the Universe!

From my point of view, this is a solid place to authentically launch your life into endless possibilities.

One awesome component about being a participant in your own life is that you choose to be a participant in the first place.   So it is YOUR game to play along with this collective body of beautiful organisms in the universe.

That means that you can select how awesome your life can manifest into being based on actions and perceptions.  Plus the real juice is when you choose to be a contribution to the lives of other beautiful human organisms.    This new reality and expansion begins in the heart and mind!

So....... let's get acquainted with how it goes down on the gameboard of life.

Overview:  You are the player, the game piece in this human existence.   Welcome to your body, your spacecraft.  I state spacecraft since we are beings in space and our organism is our vessel.

Here are steps which I have found to be successful in upgrading your life.

1. Choose to process, analyze and really get who, what and when you are.  (based on your current awareness consciousness)

2. Accept where you are now in your life in the now of this NOW.  Get present to YOU and that this human experience is powerful with acceptance.   Acceptance for what is and what is not in the now.   

3.  Choose to courageously complete the past for that lingering uncomfortable and/or angry stuff in your synapses and heart.   This is what I call getting those "yuckberries" out of your brain matter by taking on those incomplete relationships... clean them up with LOVE and acceptance!

3. Live in constant realms of quality, fulfillment and aliveness.  Choose to intake clean air, food, water, thoughts, relationships, etc.   Keep your life in optimal dimensions and spaces at all possible.

4. Surrender to love and create a life worthy of being lived.    The ability to make life-enhancing choices is an awesome program for this co-created quest.   The quest within and the quest with others!

5.  Number FIVE Is ALIVE!   Activate!!!  Become more aware of it all.  "Aware yourSelf" to your magical energetic gift called consciousness in human form.

You have choice in the matter of your existence.  You are able to control many components of your life.

Example, you can control or not control certain anatomical components which are considered involuntary such as your heart beating.   Some other parts and pieces of your human organism are more voluntary such as the fingers.

A present example is that I, DTO, chose to type out these words with my fingers in order to have your eye balls read them NOW!  It is really cool how I can control my hands in ways to hit combinations of words to form written language.  This stems from my flow of consciousness that transfers energetic data through written language.  Actions of self-expression allow for my life's energy and consciousness to have a method to communicate to Self and others this human experience.

Paint, play music, write poetry, sing, dance, etc..    Self-expressions in multiple forms help you to get it OUT of your organism.   Spreading love, inspiration and confidence in the universe is powerful.


What kind of existence are you choosing for your life?

(......Oh wait, you didn't know that you have a choice?   Well, you do and it is really amazing!)

Choice is powerful and a life-altering ability we have as human beings.

So are you ready for the INSTALL?

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS:   You can get the install for this upgrade to your life by courageously taking the journey within your Self and be choosing LOVE!   The zip file can be accessed by seeking out life-enhancing relationships with other loving human beings to create a co-created quest.

Why do this at all?

Because connecting to the multitudes of creative energies flowing within you, the more openly it all flows and it you become more alive as a human organism.   This is based on my point of view of living.   

REPEAT:  I love all entities of the Universe and beyond.  I love to love for the freshness of loving.  I love mySelf, others, all that is and is not.  Everything is PERFECT!!!

LOVE is a choice!!!   A very, very, very powerful one!

Continue to explore within your heart and mind as it is expanding in this very moment.  

Love, light and aliveness,
DTO version 11.11

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Relationship is a Living Organism

Alchemy is divine. It is the juice of existence. The combination of multiple possibilities of combinations.

Relatability is an art all to its own. Electromagnetic connectivity is from and to the Main Grid, source.

We are at the source and literally The Source to co-create reality with other human beings and within yourSelf.

Parallel Universes acting cohesively and gracefully apart as One.

A living organism that attracts a need for combining additional pieces of molecular matter in the Universe and specially here...on Earth.

Two organisms co-existing as One.  


7 billion human organisms co-existing as one.

Ahhh.... Peace, love and gratitude for this declaration and manifestation.

Infinite love,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Love, Light & Aliveness

Having a blog is fun, cool & mind expanding.   It is a way to express whatever is going on in my life in a genuine, real, authentic place.

Today I registered since I have been gravitating towards BEing these powerful characteristics.


Love -   What is love?  Why is there love?  When is there love?   Who loves me?  Who do I love? Do I love myself?  Why is love scary at times?  Why is love so comforting?  

These are just a very small pool of questions in the abundant oceans of love.

This year I have opened up my heart chakra more than ever before in my 36 revolutions around the sun.

It has been a credibly courageous journey to become a "love warrior".   My last name Kemp means warrior in English and therefore it is fitting for me to arrive to a transformative space in my existence to step it up and choose LOVE as my main operating system in all areas.

The main breakthrough was found with my powerfully profound relationship with my existence partner.  Creating intimacy, passion and infinite love with another human being is phenomenal.  Consistently being present, listening, loving, adoring, honoring and cherishing the love of your life is a gift.

Love LOVES Love!

Light - The existence of many life forms is generated by light, by stars, etc.   The main star is our solar system is the Sun.   The Sun's energy shines in order to create what we know as the life on Earth.   The Sun's energy powers the flora and fauna of this planet.  Our human life's energy is brighten by the sun in multiple ways and simply put, without the Sun this blog, these words, this human being that I am and life as we know it would NOT exist.

Sunlight shinning on something allows for our eyes to see clearer, it allows for our minds to understand what is going on and for our skin provide a warm feeling that charges us.    There is data that shows how people that live in sunny places are statistically happier.  For example, Seattle has some of the most dark and rainy days than any other city in the U.S. and they have the highest rate of suicide.

Sunlight and light is important to our existence in many powerful ways.

Just a single light from a candle brightens up a room that was once completely dark.

Being a Light Worker mean that a human being is spreading positive energy, love and healing powers to others.  Being a Light in your own life, for others, the world and Universe is a powerful, noble gift.

Not everyone has light in all areas of their lives, I personally am shedding light in the area of procrastination.   I know that when I can choose to stay in action more then my life will unfold to be more rewarding, fulfilling and powerful.

Shine your light!  Get fired up about living your life powerfully!

Aliveness - Being alive is a gift, a miracle.   My most profound discovery has been connecting how important it is to fuel your organism with nutrient dense, clean foods.

I have been eating a raw plant-based diet for over 120 days now and I have been plant-based since Nov. 2005.   Since I have only eaten flora and not fauna there has been a phenomenal transformation in my overall level of feeling ALIVE!   Why?  Because flora is packed with phytonutrients which has been shown to provide human beings clean energy.  Also many dis-eases and cancers cannot grow in a body where such cleanliness resides.

My vitality, stamina and overall energy is unbelievable to most and actually to me at times.   Especially when I get present to the version of myself that I was before when I used to eat SAD.  (Standard American Diet)

See my before/after photo:

Since going raw, I have been told by lots of human beings that my eyes are more beautiful than ever with more depth, peace and aliveness.


  1. This has been my journey as of now and I wish you Love, Light and Aliveness in your existence in our collective journey.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Music is my main frequency & love is my main operating system!" - DTO

Hello human being,

Do you enjoy music?

Do you create music?

Do you know music?

Do you have music?

Do you grow music?

World, I am a musical farmer of delicious & nutritious beats.   Yummy!

As an art form, this craft is continually flowing & growing.   The vibrational energies of the Universe are in my mind, body and spirit.  The essence of who I am as DaveTheOrganism - DTO, is a conduit to channel & create frequencies, beats, tones & healing vibrations in the Universe.  

I have been palpably exposed to these vibrations since I was conceived since my mother was playing the piano, singing and playing other artists' music when I was in the womb.

Music is powerful since it is energy exerted into a creation that relays sound waves to human organisms and spreads it throughout time & space to other human organisms in a very powerful way.   Our inner ears are called cochlea and it is shaped as a shell.  

As a child I remember listening to the 'ocean' in a shell.   The interpreted sound created in this space is the beginning music.  At a primal level, it is how the world in which we exist in is registered in this amazing auditory adventure.

Definition -

The inner ear is the innermost part of the vertebrate ear. In mammals, it consists of the bony labyrinth, a system of passages comprising two main functional parts:
The inner ear is found in all vertebrates, with substantial variations in form and function. The inner ear is innervated by the eighth cranial nerve in all vertebrates.

Flowing & Growing in Musical Vibrations.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transitioning Into the Transformation Age - areone

Fellow human organism.   areone!

This is the new greeting to one another either spoken or heart felt in our existence.   areone from a place of love for yourself, other human organisms, all fauna and all flora on Earth plus all entities of the Universe in areone and beyond.

areone is the vibration of the new realm for existence shifting into fruition as we transition into the Transformation Age. 

Human organisms, we, are learning and continuing to grow in this shift into the Information Age of humankind.   Currently entering a phase of transformation towards an awakening an era of enlightenment.   A cocoon is forming to create a powerful mind and heart expansive growth spurt.  This is an all connected occurrence as the entity know as Source, The Great Spirit, God or any deity or deities become simply

This is the definition of connecting all collective forms of consciousness and non-consciousness in the Universe.   All molecular matter which includes matter and anti-matter.   Molecular Matter Matters!

This can be perceived as an alien concept at first for some human organisms.   What is occurring, is a shift into living, being, existing as the the most aligned and worthy human organisms.    We, I, you, they, us, me, she, he them, those, these... areone.

What a relief!  Brother and Sister, there are no worries about anything else surrounding why we, human beings, exist since once we have gotten "Connectedness" as a way of existence it becomes clearer and clearer.  Mental, spiritual & oneness clarity are vital to creating an optimal journey in the aquatic journey on planet Earth in this cool solar system.   Actually that understanding alone of "Connectness", "oneness" IS the process of transforming in another entity such as a butterfly.  You see, as you learn this to be Universal Truth then you are "plugged in", "linked up" to the main Source.

"Transformation by nature takes it all to the next level by manifesting transformative experiences." - Dave The Organism - 16th day of the month of April, time: 10:20pm PST year: 2011 A.D.

Welcome to the connected and collective love consciousness of existence!  

A simple message from the collective source of areone,
Dave The Organism