Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Music is my main frequency & love is my main operating system!" - DTO

Hello human being,

Do you enjoy music?

Do you create music?

Do you know music?

Do you have music?

Do you grow music?

World, I am a musical farmer of delicious & nutritious beats.   Yummy!

As an art form, this craft is continually flowing & growing.   The vibrational energies of the Universe are in my mind, body and spirit.  The essence of who I am as DaveTheOrganism - DTO, is a conduit to channel & create frequencies, beats, tones & healing vibrations in the Universe.  

I have been palpably exposed to these vibrations since I was conceived since my mother was playing the piano, singing and playing other artists' music when I was in the womb.

Music is powerful since it is energy exerted into a creation that relays sound waves to human organisms and spreads it throughout time & space to other human organisms in a very powerful way.   Our inner ears are called cochlea and it is shaped as a shell.  

As a child I remember listening to the 'ocean' in a shell.   The interpreted sound created in this space is the beginning music.  At a primal level, it is how the world in which we exist in is registered in this amazing auditory adventure.

Definition -

The inner ear is the innermost part of the vertebrate ear. In mammals, it consists of the bony labyrinth, a system of passages comprising two main functional parts:
The inner ear is found in all vertebrates, with substantial variations in form and function. The inner ear is innervated by the eighth cranial nerve in all vertebrates.

Flowing & Growing in Musical Vibrations.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transitioning Into the Transformation Age - areone

Fellow human organism.   areone!

This is the new greeting to one another either spoken or heart felt in our existence.   areone from a place of love for yourself, other human organisms, all fauna and all flora on Earth plus all entities of the Universe in areone and beyond.

areone is the vibration of the new realm for existence shifting into fruition as we transition into the Transformation Age. 

Human organisms, we, are learning and continuing to grow in this shift into the Information Age of humankind.   Currently entering a phase of transformation towards an awakening an era of enlightenment.   A cocoon is forming to create a powerful mind and heart expansive growth spurt.  This is an all connected occurrence as the entity know as Source, The Great Spirit, God or any deity or deities become simply

This is the definition of connecting all collective forms of consciousness and non-consciousness in the Universe.   All molecular matter which includes matter and anti-matter.   Molecular Matter Matters!

This can be perceived as an alien concept at first for some human organisms.   What is occurring, is a shift into living, being, existing as the the most aligned and worthy human organisms.    We, I, you, they, us, me, she, he them, those, these... areone.

What a relief!  Brother and Sister, there are no worries about anything else surrounding why we, human beings, exist since once we have gotten "Connectedness" as a way of existence it becomes clearer and clearer.  Mental, spiritual & oneness clarity are vital to creating an optimal journey in the aquatic journey on planet Earth in this cool solar system.   Actually that understanding alone of "Connectness", "oneness" IS the process of transforming in another entity such as a butterfly.  You see, as you learn this to be Universal Truth then you are "plugged in", "linked up" to the main Source.

"Transformation by nature takes it all to the next level by manifesting transformative experiences." - Dave The Organism - 16th day of the month of April, time: 10:20pm PST year: 2011 A.D.

Welcome to the connected and collective love consciousness of existence!  

A simple message from the collective source of areone,
Dave The Organism

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mind & Heart Expansion Project

Hello fellow human being!

We are all involved in a Mind & Heart Expansion Project and I am honored to be with you in this endeavor.  There are 7 billion human beings and growing in this awe-inspiring project.

Creating new perspectives of existence is a continual goal in every mili-second of NOW.   The miracle of mindfulness manifests by simply being aware and conscious of life itself and how it occurs to the individual.

Example - If you are washing the dishes, wash them with a state of mind of being in the present moment of that NOW. Choose to do it with whatever thoughts, emotions or space you want to generate. I love to do it with joy and as an opportunity to generate new thoughts that are mind & heart expansive.  I do some of my best thinking, feeling and existing in this space. A space filled with intention!

I have trained my synapses to be activating in this powerful way even in moments of existence when I may want to grumble about doing something.

The old self would say, "Dang, I hate washing dishes...why do I have to do this, I would rather be ______..grrrrhhh".

The new version of Dave The Organism is filled with aliveness and stoked about the opportunity to grow in the activity of doing __(whichever activity it is, like washing the dishes)___  

For me, even "problems" now occur as learning opportunities to grow and create new openings in our new collective realm of existing as humankind.

So in the spirit of washing away dirt and old ways of being, in what areas of your life do you want to clean up or wash away "dirt" in your life?

What old ways of beings are not serving you anymore?

Would be best to be acknowledge those old ways and then simply allow them to slide off your plate (aka: life) and into the garbage disposal?

My favorite way of completing the task of washing the dishes is to follow it all up with a piece of citrus to cleanse away any smells and get it fresh. My brain matter also wants to cleanse, think clear thoughts  and keep it all fresh and fun!

What is fun and cool about existing as a human being?

Projects, missions, goals, passions, etc. are what drive us as the human being that are into creating new openings of awareness.  You could say that it is a platform for existence.  Heck, everything can be seen as a project; going to the store, writing a book, co-creating world peace, living at optimal health, being compassionate, being a conscious consumer, writing a blog, reading a blog, etc...

The Mind & Heart Expansion Project-oriented way of living will simply become your main operating system as you step in this new space of living!

The benefit I have found are that the tools, gears and means which are involved to be successful in whatever I choose to take on in my life are naturally now a part of me.  I am human matter and therefore I have my moments of breakdowns and moments of being ineffective, this is simply how human life occurs. The point of breakdowns are to get back up and keep on rockin' your life.

Continual participation in life is what I stand for for you and all human organisms on planet Earth!!!

Lots of love,
Dave The Organism

P.S. One new opening is how the Masculine energy of the Universe is embracing, loving, respecting, honoring and cherishing the Feminine energy. This is creating brand new perspectives which is quite mind expansive and heart expansive. See video.