Saturday, February 19, 2011

DTO Quotes...Enjoy!

Creating a quote is nothing more than your own self-expression through language.  Enjoy!

"Sorry for being logical and scientific on ya, but that is how my brain operates." - DTO

"Weird is relative. I am weird to many, but awesome to most." - DTO

‎"You already are what you're looking for." - DTO

‎"A human being's ability to adapt and improve his/her life and the lives of others is worthy of the highest admiration." - DTO

"Research it yourself, don't believe me." - DTO

‎"A country of people that does not value having a nation of healthy citizens stands to collapse through the unsustainable greed of earning money from it's sick and by creating more and more sick people with their products." - DTO

‎"You are only as good as your last post." - DTO

"Quoting yourself is lame." - DTO

"Become what you are being called into becoming." ♥ - DTO

"Observe the flow within you and around you." - DTO

"Wake up and start seeking and acquiring knowledge about human health. This act alone can play a huge role in determining how long and strong you and your family will be alive. " - DTO

"Repeat after me... Eating plants is awesome for me and makes me healthier and healthier with every bite and drink I take." - DTO

‎"Reality is the realization of what is real." - DTO

"Welcome to another day on planet Earth. You, human beings, have a powerful ability to choose love as your way of existing within the Universe. Through this recognition you can be in awe of the power of love and therefore your choice to love will become clear. That is my hope."

- DTO (

"Sanity eludes me." - DTO

Love and compassion is the fashion!!! ♥ - DTO

Veganism - The gift that keeps on giving. :) - DTO

"Babies are tiny, little creatures." - DTO

"Your experiences in life are directly connected with your unique interpretations and perceptions of everything. Explore your mind, familiarize yourself with reality, think differently and always learn something new at every corner of opportunity. Lots of love." - DTO

"Dude, stop bothering me with all of this truth stuff." - Musings from the brain matter of

‎"LIfe is always better with an added splash of organization." -

"Choose to familiarize yourself with you, the human organism." - (View:

"I am revolving around the idea about how we are all revolving." - DTO

"My deity is better than your deity." - DTO

"I sustain my life and thrive by consuming only flora on planet Earth, the fauna on this planet are not terminated on my behalf nor do I choose to support the systematic killing of them by human beings. I based this on human health data, compassion and the health of the planet's ecosystem. (No animals were harmed in the making of this quote.)" - DTO

"How do you base your choices? If you use compassion and health as measuring sticks in your repetoire of choosing what is most life-enhancing for you and others then you are existing at vibrant levels of frequencies in the Universe." - DTO

"Peace in the Universe." - DTO

"Create your life in love consciousness frequencies. Oh Yeah!!! ♥" - DTO

"Hardcore compassion is the best and only truthful way to live compassionately. Why mess around?!" - DTO

‎"Life is game to play... so play full out!" - DTO

"The Organism loves spreading health & aliveness!" - DTO

‎"Flow in the streams of greatness and your life will be immersed in life-enhancing experiences." - DTO

"Hey world, they call them old belief systems for a reason. You are free to take on some fresh, new & rejuvenating ones. Lots of love & understanding." -DTO

"Dang...what a wild existence we are all involved in called life as a human being." - DTO ♥

"Welcome all things in your life with gratitude as you simultaneously choose to learn, evolve and adapt through your experiences. There is no right or wrong, positive or negative...only the present moment of existence. Continue to enjoy one of the greatest shows within the Universe called life." - DTO

"We are mammals, we are animals...these human beings.   The more we realize this and respect our fellow Earthlings (human and non-human) the deeper we can grow, evolve and love." - DTO  

‎"The ripple effect of awareness is in motion." - DTO

More to come...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 2nd Decade of the 21st Century

Greetings humandkind and welcome to my first blog of the 2nd decade in the 21st century on planet Earth.

I have been more than amazed by the amount of love, adventure and opportunity presenting itself and being generated in 2011. There are so many ways that the Universe and me, Dave The Organism, are now living an extraordinary life in unison and alignment. I have released many old ways of being and thinking that were thwarting my growth and evolution.

Awesome news!!! I am now DTO 3.0 and ready to rock!!!

What are your goals for this new decade?

Do they include measurable results so you will know when you get there?

Mine are to help awaken myself and others to the amazing life that we, human Earthlings, and all entities of the Universe have as an opportunity to exist in. One way is to create an album per year in either the world of electronic music and/or acoustic instruments in the rock music realm with Stone Train. Also to create a mega-resource database of information, videos, recipes and more about the power of plant-based health and nutrition.

Lots of love, peace, celebration and creativity for 2011 - 2020 and beyond.

See a recent blog that I was featured in by an awesome photographer friend, Chase Heilman, Plus view exciting news about the band Stone Train.