Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transitioning Into the Transformation Age - areone

Fellow human organism.   areone!

This is the new greeting to one another either spoken or heart felt in our existence.   areone from a place of love for yourself, other human organisms, all fauna and all flora on Earth plus all entities of the Universe in areone and beyond.

areone is the vibration of the new realm for existence shifting into fruition as we transition into the Transformation Age. 

Human organisms, we, are learning and continuing to grow in this shift into the Information Age of humankind.   Currently entering a phase of transformation towards an awakening an era of enlightenment.   A cocoon is forming to create a powerful mind and heart expansive growth spurt.  This is an all connected occurrence as the entity know as Source, The Great Spirit, God or any deity or deities become simply

This is the definition of connecting all collective forms of consciousness and non-consciousness in the Universe.   All molecular matter which includes matter and anti-matter.   Molecular Matter Matters!

This can be perceived as an alien concept at first for some human organisms.   What is occurring, is a shift into living, being, existing as the the most aligned and worthy human organisms.    We, I, you, they, us, me, she, he them, those, these... areone.

What a relief!  Brother and Sister, there are no worries about anything else surrounding why we, human beings, exist since once we have gotten "Connectedness" as a way of existence it becomes clearer and clearer.  Mental, spiritual & oneness clarity are vital to creating an optimal journey in the aquatic journey on planet Earth in this cool solar system.   Actually that understanding alone of "Connectness", "oneness" IS the process of transforming in another entity such as a butterfly.  You see, as you learn this to be Universal Truth then you are "plugged in", "linked up" to the main Source.

"Transformation by nature takes it all to the next level by manifesting transformative experiences." - Dave The Organism - 16th day of the month of April, time: 10:20pm PST year: 2011 A.D.

Welcome to the connected and collective love consciousness of existence!  

A simple message from the collective source of areone,
Dave The Organism


  1. YAY! It's a wonderful time to be alive!! : O)

  2. I like your ideas,philosophy and spiritualism.